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Bichectomy/ Buccal (Cheek) Fat Removal

Yanaklarınızdaki yağ yastıkçıkları sizi olduğunuzdan daha kilolu gösterebilir, yüzünüzdeki genç ve oval görünümü engelleyebilir. Bişektomi operasyonu tam da burada yardımınıza koşar.
Ağız içinden yapılan kısa süreli bir operasyonla bu yağ yastıkçıklarından kurtularak istediğiniz ince yüz görünümüne ulaşabilirsiniz.


Bichectomy operation is the removal of a part of the buccinator muscle, which is one of the facial muscles and determines the face shape. This procedure is generally preferred by people who think that their cheeks are too full.

During the bichectomy operation, a part of the buccinator muscle is removed from the inner cheek with an incision, which is usually made under local anesthesia. After this procedure, cheeks may appear thinner and facial features will become more prominent.

Bichectomy is a permanent procedure and is irreversible. It usually lasts for about an hour and there may be mild pain and swelling for a few days after the procedure. The full recovery process takes up to a few weeks, and the post-procedure scars are usually minimally visible.

However, as in any operation, there may be some risks and side effects in the bichectomy operation. These include infection, bleeding, scarring and loss of sensation after the procedure. For this reason, people considering a bichectomy operation should first consult with a plastic surgeon to obtain detailed information and evaluate the risks and benefits of the operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Bichectomy operation is the removal of a part of the buccinator muscle in the cheek area. This process makes the cheeks look thinner.

It usually takes about an hour.

Yes, it is usually done under local anaesthesia.

Yes, you may feel slight pain for a few days after the procedure.