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Service Agreement


1.1 Intermediary Service Provider: Headquartered in “Sinanpaşa mah. Sinapaşa Köprüsü Sk.Çelik İş Merkezi No:10 İç Kapı No:76 Beşiktaş/İstanbul”, Renate Clinic. Hereinafter referred to as “Renate Clinic”.

1.2 Site: The site managed by the Service Provider and has the following address:

1.3 User: Real persons with full legal capacity who access the services offered on the Site by accepting the Terms of Use and completing the registration process.

1.4 Professional: Doctors, dentists, psychologists, physiotherapists, obstetricians, dietitians, therapists, as well as users of other professions not mentioned above.

1.5 Establishment: These are the establishments where medical services are provided.

1.6 Owner: It is the status given to the User who has the authority to manage the information about the organization.

1.7 Profile: This is where information and opinions about any Organization or Professional are collected on the Site.

1.8 Account: It is the user of the Site, which enables the Users or Professionals to be identified with the help of a username and password, thus allowing them to access certain services.

1.9 Service: The service provided in the electronic environment is based on data exchange and video calls through public information processing and telecommunication systems in line with the request of the service buyer (User). During these transactions, the parties must be present at the same time.

1.10 The Intermediary Service Provider provides the Services in accordance with this Terms of Use.

1.11 Terms of Use are binding on the User without the need to sign any additional agreements.


2.1 The Services provided by the Service Provider are different from the medical service received through a face-to-face examination from a Professional. Professionals serving at Renate do not have the opportunity to evaluate your physical condition by examining you personally.

2.2 They make their evaluations based on the information received from you. For this reason, they may not be able to evaluate some critical points that they can see during the physical examination and that may affect their diagnosis and thoughts. Although the Professionals serving on the Service Provider are in constant contact with you for the information they need to minimize these risks and fully understand the situation, the mentioned risk is always present.

2.3 The Service Provider’s online services are not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your local doctor.

2.4 The Service Provider emphasizes and recommends the importance of physical examination. When you decide to use the Service Provider’s services, you accept the scope, limits and risks of the service.

2.5 When you receive a medical opinion by remote consultation by using the services of the Service Provider, you are knowingly accepting the following conditions.

2.6 The medical diagnosis to be obtained is limited and is valid in line with the information and data transmitted to us.

2.7 A medical opinion obtained in remote consultation is not an alternative to a face-to-face examination with a physician.

2.8 Physicians who are members of the Data Manager do not have important information that can be obtained by physical examination.

2.9 Failure to perform a physical examination may adversely affect the Professional’s ability to diagnose your health condition.

2.10 While using the services of the Service Provider, you confirm that the above risks are within your knowledge and that you accept the risks, and that the Service Provider does not verbally or in writing guarantee any result or treatment related to your health condition.

2.11 You are responsible for the up-to-dateness of any information in your Service Provider membership account and in the forms filled in by you and submitted to us upon the request of the Professionals. Professionals make all kinds of evaluations on the basis of the up-to-dateness of this information.


3.1 In order to create the profile of the Professional, at least basic information about that Professional must be entered.

3.2 Basic information about the professional name, surname, professional title.

3.3 Each Professional has only one profile. Several Professionals are not allowed to open a public profile. Duplicate profiles will be deleted.

3.4 The Professional may create or confirm his own profile. For this purpose, registration is required.

3.5 The profile created or confirmed by the Professional will be marked as “Confirmed profile”.

3.6 Professional with confirmed profile can:

3.6.1 You can edit the information about it,

3.6.2 You can add an official photo of yourself, cannot add photos of others or in your private life,

3.6.3 Service Provider