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Jaw Aesthetics (Mentoplasty)

Jaw Aesthetics (Mentoplasty)

Mentoplasty procedure is performed to achieve a balanced profile view whether an individual has a small or large chin. If a small chin is the issue, volume and projection is gained trough a mental implant. Setting-back and bone rasping techniques for chin reduction surgery are performed by special cutting and rasping devices.

Beyond these deformities, some uncertain deformities can be managed by filler injections.

Jaw Aesthetics (Mentoplasty)

The chin aesthetic operation is usually performed under local anesthesia, and the surgeon either uses implants or reshapes the existing bone tissue by cutting it to change the size, shape or position of the chin. Implants are made of silicone, polyethylene or other biocompatible materials and are available in different shapes and sizes. To properly position the implant, the surgeon makes an incision and inserts the implant. If the surgeon reshapes existing bone tissue, the bone is first cut and reshaped to fit the new shape of the jaw.

After the operation, the patient may experience pain, swelling and bruises for several days. The patient may usually have to eat soft foods for several days and it is recommended to avoid exercise and heavy physical activity for several weeks.

As a result of the chin aesthetic operation, a more pronounced, more proportional jaw line is usually obtained. However, like any surgical procedure, this procedure also has risks and the patient should be properly prepared before and after the operation by discussing it with the surgeon.

Why Renate Clinic?​

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Transfer and Accommodation​

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You will have a special counselor who will assist and guide you throughout your treatment process. Pre-operative interview, hospitalization process, pre-operative analyzes etc. You will have a special counselor with you in all steps such as, and everything will be explained to you.

When you arrive, we pick you up from the airport with a special vehicle we have arranged and drop you off at your destination. You are brought to our institution or hotel without any problems.

From the moment you contact us until the day you return to your country, we will have staff to assist you. We can easily say that you will not have any problems with the language. Our institution has health personnel who speak English. However, assistance in other languages such as Arabic, German, Spanish is also available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Jaw aesthetic operation usually takes 1-2 hours, but the duration of the operation may vary depending on the techniques used and the size of the implant.

There may be pain, swelling and bruises after the operation. But these symptoms usually subside within a few days.

It is recommended that you rest for a few days after the operation and avoid heavy physical activities. The full recovery time can vary from person to person, but is usually a few weeks to a few months.