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Prominent Ear Treatment

Prominent Ear Treatment

Prominent ears can be corrected in childhood or in adults. Ideally it is performed before primary school to prevent mental issues like introvert personality, lack of self-confidence. Several techniques are described in the literature about prominent ear correction. Renate Clinic surgeons decide and perform patient specific techniques for every individual.

This operation may be performed under general or local anesthesia.

Prominent Ear Treatment

Prominent ear is the appearance of the ears protruding outward. This condition is often an inherited trait and is present in many people's ears from birth. The surgical procedure to correct prominent ears is called "otoplasty". Otoplasty changes the shape and position of the ears, making them appear less protruding.

During the otoplasty procedure, the skin behind the ear is cut and the cartilage support structures are reshaped. This process makes the ears stick to the scalp more and look less protruding. The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia and takes about one to two hours.

The otoplasty procedure is usually painless, but mild discomfort may be felt in the ear for a few days after the procedure. The ears are wrapped in bandages and these bandages remain in the ears for several days. Then the dressings are removed and the person can return to their normal life.

After the otoplasty procedure, the ears will appear less protruding, but the ears may not be fully attached to the head. In the post-procedure period, it may be necessary to use an ear band overnight for a while to maintain the shape and position of the ears.

Otoplasty is usually done successfully and changes the shape and position of the ears, increasing people's self-confidence. However, as with any operation, otoplasty carries risks and it is recommended that you talk to your plastic surgeon about these risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Usually, local anesthesia is applied during the procedure, so patients usually feel minimal pain. However, they may feel mild discomfort and pain for a few days after the procedure.

The process usually takes one to two hours.

The healing process can vary from person to person, but usually for a few days, the ears are wrapped with a bandage. Within a few days, the bandage is removed and the person can return to their normal activities. After about a week, the stitches are removed.