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GDPR Information Document​

GDPR Information Document​

We respect your privacy and value your personal data.

Personal Data Protection Law aims to protect the individual’s fundamental rights and freedoms especially individuals privacy
We want to inform you about the Constitution of Republic of Turkey and the 6698th law that is “Personal Data Protection Law”, with respect to the legislation, regarding the process of your personal information through our communication channels with “Clarification Document”.

We aim to inform you about your rights according to the Constitution along with the intent and procedure of your personal data processes, the procedure of collecting personal data and the legal basis of the data processing.

Data Controller

We are mentioned as the “Data Controller” in the Constitution as owners of the Renate Clinic brand. As Data Controllers, the personal data that comes from the following channels are processed according to the definition of data process that is stated in the constitution.

  • com web page (“Web Page”)
  • E-mails that end with and (“E-mail”)
  • Social Media Channels (“Social Media”)

Besides Along with using personal data collection methods we also use cookies, web pointers and related technologies in our web pages for you to have a better user experience and benefit the web site most effective. This way we can analyse which pages our visitors viewed, which products and services they took interest and how did they find our web site, so we can improve your experience constantly with these analyses. You can find more information about our policies on the technologies we use from the “Cookie Policy” page.

Clarification Document Extent

The Clarification Document only includes our own channels under the “Personal Data Collection Methods” section and other like web sites, social media etc. are not included.

In cases of providing you a link to any web site, social media or other channels that is other than our own platform, the linked channels have their own privacy and user’s agreement policies.

Advertisements, banners and other sources that can redirect you to other web sites that is not part of our platform or automatically displayed websites may differ in data collection, preservation, processing and privacy policies.

We are not responsible for the financial or moral loss that may be caused by these websites.

Date Processing

“Data Processing” As it is defined in constitution, includes all kinds of processes like acquiring completely or partially through automatic or non-automatic ways provided that it’s a part of a data recording system, storing, recording, updating, classifying and sharing with third parties with respect to the related legislation.

Processable Personal Data

You can visit our website or social media channels without sharing any personal data. But in some cases we may want you to share some personal details, Here are some of the personal data we might want from you:

  • Name
  • Last Name
  • E-mail
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address
  • The brand name or title of the firm that you own or represent
  • IP address
  • The channel information that helped you reach the website
  • The cookie and access records that was created when you visited the website
  • The message that you provided about your request and the data it contains

The Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data and The Legal Reasons

Your personal data can be obtained, recorded, stored, processed, classified, updated, shared with the third parties either from Turkey or abroad according to the procedures and principals from the legislation and the Clarification Document ;

  • To form and release our service contracts,
  • To fulfil our obligations regarding the services we provide,
  • To answer your questions and requests,
  • To conduct the introductions, reminders and informations regarding the services we provide
  • To inform you about the new products and services, offers and opportunities.
  • To share the announcements and informations, that are directly or indirectly related to our services, through e-mail, e-bulletin, SMS or phone.
  • To carry out the promotions and advertisements of the third party firms that we collaborate
  • To conduct our commercial activities and protect our legitimate interests.
  • To meet the information requests that might come from legal authorities.

According to the paragraph 2 of article 5 / 2nd paragraph of 5th article of legislation we can process your personal data as the Data Controller based on the following legal reasons;

  • Data process is mandatory/obligatory to fulfil our legal liabilities,
  • Data process is mandatory to establish, benefit or protect a right,
  • Data process is required, provided that it is related directly to the establishment or performance of the contract
  • Data process is mandatory to preserve your legal interests with the condition that there is no violation of fundamental rights and freedoms,
  • Data process is directly stipulated in the legislation

Transfer of your Personal Data to the Third Parties

As Data Controller we can share your personal data to the collaborating third party firms, individuals and in situations that require legal obligations the related public corporations, according to the legal procedures and principles;

  • To acquire services from third party firms to conduct our Business activities,
  • To effectuate the presentations, reminders, announcements and informations about our products, services, special offers and opportunities through e-mails, SMS messages or phone meetings.
  • To fulfil the information requests from ,but not limited to, public corporations because of  legal requirements,

Your Rights as Data Owners

According to the article 11 of the legislation covering the processing of your data by us Data Controllers, you have the rights;

  • To know if your personal data is processed or not
  • To request information regarding your personal data if your personal data is processed
  • To learn about the purpose of the process of your personal data and if your personal data is used appropriately,
  • To learn the third parties identities from Turkey or from abroad that your personal data is shared with,
  • To request correction of your personal data in case of the personal data is either incomplete or inaccurate,
  • To request the deletion or removal your personal data if the need for processing your personal data is disappeared,
  • To request notifying the deletion or removal your personal data to the third parties,
  • To object the possible consequences against you as a result of automatic system analyses of your personal data,
  • To request reparation of damages as a result of illegal processing of your personal data.

For detailed information, you can visit Personal Data Protection Agency’s website

You can Submit Your Requests to us

As Data owner you can submit your requests regarding your rights including the process of your personal data, legislation and Clarification Document to our channels bellow. A written request is required regarding the rights within the scope of law through our contact channels. As Data Controllers, we will contact you free of charge(The right of charging is reserved in case the process requires extra cost) in 30 days at the latest regarding the requests you have submitted, with respect to the article 13 of legislation.

Address: Harbiye Mah. Abdi İpekçi Cad. Kızılkaya Apt. No:59 D:1 34367 Şişli/İstanbul